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38th Anniversary Celebrations of 292 Pontiff Srila Sri Arunagirinatha Swamigal

38th Anniversary Celebrations of 292 Pontiff Srila Sri Arunagirinatha Swamigal

Madurai, 27th May 2012: The weekend free multi-specialty medical camp held on 26th & 27th May at Madurai Aadheenam concluded in a mood of festivity, with the 38th coronation anniversary celebrations of the 292nd pontiff Srila Sri Arunagirinatha Sri Jnanasambanda Desika Paramacharya Swamigal.

The function opened with H.H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda honoring and garlanding the 292nd pontiff. This was followed by a traditional Indian ‘sweet-cutting’ ceremony by the 292nd pontiff, after which the two pontiffs fed each other sweets.

The 292nd pontiff then addressed a public satsang reminiscing about his 38 years as the Guru Maha Sannidhanam of the illustrious Madurai Aadheenam. Saying that the Saiva Siddhanta was not the creation of a single individual or a group of people, but has existed since time immemorial, the 292nd pontiff added that the pontiffs of Madurai Aadheenam were the kings of Saivism. The 292nd pontiff paid a beautiful tribute to H.H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda, describing him as ‘simple, humble and noble,’, and the best possible choice for his successor.

H.H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda praised the simplicity and straightforwardness of the 292nd pontiff, and his immense contribution to society. He also commended the pontiff’s courage and determination in the face of the heavy opposition he has faced over the years.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda also announced the upcoming programs and future plans of Madurai Aadheenam, including the setting up of a museum and website featuring the 292nd pontiff’s life and contribution.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda announced that separate Sannyas (monastic) training centers for men and women were being established. In a historic decision, Nithyananda opened his doors to transgender individuals as well, giving this marginalized section of society the opportunity to take up Sannyas as a lifestyle and lead a life of dignity.

In another major decision, the first overseas branch of Madurai Aadheenam will be set up in Los Angeles, USA. Madurai Aadheenam will be the first-ever spiritual organization of its kind to have an overseas branch.

The talk was followed by blessings by both pontiffs for the doctors who had volunteered at the medical camp.  The evening’s festivities culminated in a delightful rendering of Shiva keertans by ashramites of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam.


Celebration Video of 38th anniversary of 292 Guru Maha Sannithanam’s Coronation